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  • Vibrant Kongu Nadu Coimbatore Global Expo and Summit 2020 is expected to be attended by more than 2,00,000 visitors from all over the world comprising of global investors, importers, exporters, decision makers, policy makers, subject matter experts, traders etc. 
  • Visitors would include people and industry from various sectors and countries of the world i.e. corporates, MSMEs and entrepreneurs looking to join hands with industries from Coimbatore.


Reasons to visit Vibrant Kongu Nadu Coimbatore Global Expo and Summit 2020:

  • Meet over 250 foreign companies from 25 countries worldwide and 2000 India companies from 20 states across India
  • Meet exhibitors from all over the world exhibiting new technology and products
  • Direct contact with industries, suppliers and traders
  • Participate in networking events
  • Meet over 100+ global Coimbatore participant companies  in VKC GES 2020
  • Get expert advice through one to one meetings with experts from all over the world
  • Discover new and cost-effective solutions
  • Get practical insights into new and emerging trends
  • Experience the cultural beauty and remarkable hospitality of local Kongu Nadu Coimbatore residents